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RUDY HERNANDEZ of the Washington Senators – First Major League Baseball Pitcher Born in the Dominican Republic

December 10, 2011

Though Juan Marichal is the name many people think of when considering the first pitcher from the Dominican Republic, little known Rudy Hernandez beat him to the big leagues by 16 days. This summer will mark the 50th anniversary of Hernandez’s -–and the D.R.’s—first appearance on a major league mound on July 3, 1960. Hernandez […]

WAR & The Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame

March 21, 2011

Mike Bordick learned last week that he would be inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame this summer. “I don’t know what I did to actually deserve that,” Bordick told The Baltimore Sun. “But it’s definitely a great honor.” My reaction was much like Bordick’s, I must admit. I mean, I knew he was a […]

Dominican League Baseball 2010-2011 : AGUILAS CIBAENAS

January 13, 2011

I’ll begin my review of the 2010-2011 Dominican League baseball season with a look back at one of the two teams that failed to qualify for the round-robin playoffs. The once-mighty Aguilas Cibaenas won an astounding nine Dominican championships in a 13-year span before dropping 12 consecutive post-season games a couple years ago in an […]


October 23, 2010

RESULTS October 22 LICEY 8, ESCOGIDO 1 – Licey went ahead early at home with two unearned runs after an error by Escogido shortstop Joaquin Arias (New York Mets). Right-hander Robert Coello (Boston Red Sox) shut out defending champions Escogido on a single hit for the first five innings for the win. A four-run seventh-inning […]

2010 Baltimore Orioles GWRBI & Runs Produced

October 3, 2010

I’m fully aware of the arguments against the utility of the Game-Winning RBI & Runs Produced Statistics, but I went through baseball puberty in the 1980’s and have fond memories of them both from my childhood. As a result, I continue to track them for the amusement of myself and whoever clicks on this here […]


September 19, 2010

Baltimore Orioles 3B Josh Bell is setting a record pace in this, his rookie season. With just 14 games remaining, Bell appears to be posting the worst strikeout-to-walk ratio in Orioles history. With 50 strikeouts against just two walks in his first 144 official at bats, the 23-year-old Rockford, Illinois-native is all alone in franchise […]


September 1, 2010

More than 100 players from the Dominican Republic have played shortstop in a major league game, but none have done so more frequently than Miguel Tejada. On August 17 at Wrigley Field, Tejada logged his 1,862nd game at a shortstop in the big leagues, nudging ahead of his boyhood idol, Alfredo Griffin. Tejada tied Griffin’s […]

Don’t Go To WAR With These Guys In Your Foxhole Miss Agnes: Worst Baltimore Orioles Seasons By WAR

September 1, 2010

First things first. If you’re not familiar with the WAR (Wins Above Replacement Player) statistic, there’s a definition of it here: http://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Wins_Above_Replacement_Player If you’re not inclined to click the link, the stat “attempts to express the total number of wins that a given player adds to his team over the course of a season by […]

HOW LOW CAN THE O’s GO : Worst Baltimore Orioles Starts Through 18 games

April 25, 2010

Since the dawn of the 162-game schedule at least, I’ve always enjoyed breaking the season down into 18-game increments, since baseball is usually a nine-inning game, and a 162-game season is comprised of nine 18-game “innings”. So to speak. While I’m fully aware that modern Orioles history began before baseball went to a 162-game schedule […]

Opening Day Blown Save A New Low For the Baltimore Orioles

April 7, 2010

I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning. A gut-wrenching conclusion to a baseball game hotly anticipated since last October will do that to a guy. Went to sleep last night chanting all those cliched mantras about how it’s only one game, blah blah blah, yet here I am over 12 hours […]