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2010 Baltimore Orioles GWRBI & Runs Produced

2010 All Star led the Orioles in GWRBI

I’m fully aware of the arguments against the utility of the Game-Winning RBI & Runs Produced Statistics, but I went through baseball puberty in the 1980’s and have fond memories of them both from my childhood. As a result, I continue to track them for the amusement of myself and whoever clicks on this here page.

GWRBI used to be an official MLB statistic, with a player collecting one when he drove in the run that gave his team a lead they never surrendered, whether it be in the first inning of a 10-0 triumph, or a walkoff grand slam down three in the bottom of the ninth. Baltimore’s Jim Gentile notched 26 of them in 1961, which is not just an Orioles’ record, but also the highest total by any American League player in at least half-a-century.

In 2010, the Orioles GWRBI leaderboard looked like this:

11 – Ty Wigginton
10 – Luke Scott
7 – Adam Jones
6 – Nick Markakis
5 – Felix Pie
5 – Matt Wieters
4 – Miguel Tejada
4 – n/a
3 – Corey Patterson
3 – Brian Roberts
2 – Cesar Izturis
1 – Josh Bell
1 – Jake Fox
1 – Rhyne Hughes
1 – Julio Lugo
1 – Nolan Reimold
1 – Craig Tatum

GWRBI in the 7th inning or later
5 – Ty Wigginton
3 – Luke Scott
2 – Adam Jones
2 – Nick Markakis
2 – Brian Roberts
2 – Miguel Tejada
2 – Matt Wieters
1 – Felix Pie


Another old stat I like is runs produced, which adds a players runs scored & RBI, then subtracts their home run total. The result is the number of team’s runs that an individual player either drove in or scored. The top ten 2010 Orioles in this category were:

127 – Nick Markakis
126 – Adam Jones
117 – Ty Wigginton
115 – Luke Scott
81 – Matt Wieters
72 – Miguel Tejada
69 – Cesar Izturis
67 – Corey Patterson
65 – Felix Pie
46 – Julio Lugo


One Response to “2010 Baltimore Orioles GWRBI & Runs Produced”

  1. Thanks for the list. I don’t know why I can’t find GWRBI anymore. All baseball stats are imperfect.
    Orioles finish season 34-23 – it will be a great 2011.

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