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HOW LOW CAN THE O’s GO : Worst Baltimore Orioles Starts Through 18 games

That awful night in 2007 only counted as one loss

Since the dawn of the 162-game schedule at least, I’ve always enjoyed breaking the season down into 18-game increments, since baseball is usually a nine-inning game, and a 162-game season is comprised of nine 18-game “innings”. So to speak.

While I’m fully aware that modern Orioles history began before baseball went to a 162-game schedule –and that some seasons since have featured fewer games for a number of reasons — here, nevertheless, is the history of the Orioles’ first 18-games of the season:

18-game start – How many times – (most recent)

18-00 = never
17-01 = never
16-02 = never
15-03 = never
14-04 = 1 time (1966)
13-05 = 2 times (1969 & 1970)

12-06 = 2 times (1968 & 1997)
11-07 = 13 times (last in 2008)
10-08 = 9 times (last in 2004)
09-09 = 9 times (last in 2003)
08-10 = 2 times (last in 2009)
07-11 = 9 times (last in 2001)
06-12 = 4 times (last in 2002)

05-13 = 3 times (1955, 1984 & 1993)
04-14 = 1 time (1999)
03-15 = never
02-16 = 1 time (2010)
01-17 = never
00-18 = 1 time (1988)

So, indeed, this is the second-worst 18-game start in club history –and by a good margin. In fact, it’s the second-most extreme start for the team even if you include good starts. That sinking feeling in my stomach watching these games told me this was some historically bad baseball. And it is.


3 Responses to “HOW LOW CAN THE O’s GO : Worst Baltimore Orioles Starts Through 18 games”

  1. How many teams have started at 2-16 or worse for their first 18 games?

  2. I have followed the orioles for years. I am seventy years old. I
    have this to say and I am sure everyone will agree. This team
    is the worst team in the history of the orioles including the team
    coaches. For gods sake get a team that is at least as good as
    a high school team. I really hope the whole bunch of them should
    go down the tubes.

  3. Since Peter Angelos forced Davey Johnson to resign after the Os won 98 games in 1997, they have gone 13 seasons without winning even 80 games, assuming they don’t make it this year.
    With 6 of 9 starters over 30 years old, as are their top 2 starters, it may take awhile to get over that hump. Neither their AAA nor AA teams are doing particularly well (combined 57-63). This is depressing.
    They have to sign Manny Machado.

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