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HOW LOW CAN THE O’s GO : Worst Baltimore Orioles Starts Through 18 games

April 25, 2010

Since the dawn of the 162-game schedule at least, I’ve always enjoyed breaking the season down into 18-game increments, since baseball is usually a nine-inning game, and a 162-game season is comprised of nine 18-game “innings”. So to speak. While I’m fully aware that modern Orioles history began before baseball went to a 162-game schedule […]

Opening Day Blown Save A New Low For the Baltimore Orioles

April 7, 2010

I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning. A gut-wrenching conclusion to a baseball game hotly anticipated since last October will do that to a guy. Went to sleep last night chanting all those cliched mantras about how it’s only one game, blah blah blah, yet here I am over 12 hours […]