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25 Years Ago Today: Baltimore Orioles – 1983 World Series Champions!!!

Eddie Murray & Cal Ripken celebrate winning the 1983 World Series

Eddie Murray & Cal Ripken celebrate winning the 1983 World Series

I can’t believe a quarter-century has flown by. I was 13-years-old when Cal Ripken snared Garry Maddox’ liner 25 years ago for the last out of the 1983 World Series on a Sunday afternoon at Veterans Stadium. Sitting in front of the television in my family living room that day, I couldn’t have comprehended that I wouldn’t be experiencing the joy of being a fan of baseball’s best team through –let’s see- high school, college, marriage, fatherhood, living in four different states, four Presidents…

Not to mention, participants Bo Diaz and Todd Cruz have passed away, and “habitual felon” Sammy Stewart won’t be seeing anything but a prison cell anytime soon.

Looking back, it was a hell of series between the Birds of Baltimore –featuring their own “Three Stooges”– and Philadelphia’s “Wheeze Kids”. Seven Hall of Famers (plus Pete Rose) participated, three of the games were decided by one-run, and pitching led the way as the two teams combined to bat .204.

After Tippy Martinez retired Joe Morgan on a liner with the tying run aboard to end the fourth game and give the O’s a 3-1 series lead, Eddie Murray blasted two home runs off rookie Charles Hudson, Series MVP Rick Dempsey added another, and southpaw Scott McGregor (who I ran into at Little League games and gas stations growing up) went the distance on a five-hit shutout, throwing 83 strikes with his 113 pitches along the way.

How ’bout dem O’s?


One Response to “25 Years Ago Today: Baltimore Orioles – 1983 World Series Champions!!!”

  1. How could you not love the ’83 O’s? Between the Three Stooges, the Dipper, Stormy, Disco Dan, Brother Lo, T-Bone, Cal and all the other characters that team had, it was so much fun to go to old Memorial and cheer them on. I went to several games that year and remember them all well. Memorial was by no means the best place to watch a game, but to me it was the most fun! (RIP)
    It has been TOO long since the Orioles were in a World Series, let alone win one! They have only had a winning season four times since and made the playoffs twice with that “rent-a-team” they had in 1996 & 1997. (I believe a club should be built from the farm system up.) In only five short years, they lost almost all their players on that ’83 squad to retirement, trades or free agency and went from the best to the worst. The 1988 club was one of the worst teams I ever saw! Charlie Brown’s ballclub could have beaten them! I think we have gone through the worst of the storm though and the club will start to turn things around in the next few years. The prospects coming up and the ones who already have look and sound good! There is hope! Twelve years in a row of losing seasons needs to stop (At least we aren’t the worst. The Pirates have seventeen straight. Serves them right for beating us twice in the World Series!). I was eight years old when they last won it all. I hope I’m not eighty when they win their next!

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