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2008 – MLB Statistical Leaders from the Dominican Republic

Cardinals 1B Albert Pujols was awesome even by his own lofty standards in 2008

Cardinals 1B Albert Pujols was awesome even by his own lofty standards in 2008

Well, another Major League Baseball regular season has come to an end, and measuring the impact of players from the Dominican Republic is an inexact science. The first pitch of the 2008 season was thrown by a hurler from the DR (Washington’s Odalis Perez), and Minnesota’s Alexi Casilla struck the ball that was coralled for the final out of the campaign’s finale. In between, 15 new Dominican players made their debuts, and the statistical leaderboards are populated by dozens of previous arrivals that are piecing together meaningful careers. Lets look at the standouts from 2008:


Batting Average: Albert Pujols (STL) hit .357 to finish second in the National League, and Manny Ramirez (.332 for BOS/LAD) & Cristian Guzman (.316 for WAS) also finshed in the top 10 for MLB.

On Base Percentage: Albert Pujols again, at .462, was the runner up in all the big leagues, with Manny (.430) & Hanley Ramirez (.400 for the Marlins) also in the top 10.

Slugging: Albert Pujols slugged .653 to lead the majors, with Manny Ramirez at .601 to finish second.

OPS: No surprise here. Albert Pujols 1.114 mark topped the big leagues, with Manny’s mark of 1.031 ranking third.

Games: Robinson Cano of the Yankees & Jose Reyes of the Mets led their countrymen with 159 games played

At Bats: With 688 AB’s, Jose Reyes led MLB. Miguel Tejada (HOU) finished 10th.

Runs: Hanley Ramirez led MLB with 125 runs scored, while Jose Reyes total of 113 tied for 6th.

Hits: With 204 hits, Jose Reyes ranked 3rd in the majors. Pujols tied for 7th with 187.

Doubles: With 44, Aramis Ramirez of the Cubs tied Albert Pujols for 10th in the majors and leadership among Dominicans.

Triples: Jose Reyes led the big leagues with 19.

Home Runs: With 37 apiece, Albert Pujols & Manny Ramirez tied for 4th in MLB.

Total Bases: Albert Pujols led the majors with 342, while Manny (332) finished 4th, and Jose Reyes (327) ninth.

RBI: Manny Ramirez ranked 6th in the majors with 121, while Pujols (116) finished 9th.

Walks: Albert Pujols walked 104 times to rank 3rd in the big leagues, while Carlos Pena (TBR) ended up 10th with 96.

Intentional Walks: Albert Pujols, 34, and Manny, 24, drew the most intentional passes in the majors. Vladimir Guerrero’s 16 tied for 8th.

GIDP: Miguel Tejada (HOU) led the big leagues by grounding into 32 twin killings a new –albeit dubious- record for Dominican players. Vladdy tied for 2nd with 27 & Jhonny Peralta (CLE) wound up 5th with 26.

Strikeouts: Carlos Pena of the Rays whiffed 166 times, 5th highest figure in MLB.

Toughest to strike out: Placido Polanco (DET) was the toughest AL hitter to K – once every 13.5 at bats. That figure ranked 3rd best in the majors.

Stolen Bases: Willy Taveras (COL), with 68, and Jose Reyes (56) were the two leading thieves in all of baseball

Caught Stealing: Jose Reyes led the NL with 15, finishing 2nd in MLB. Hanley Ramirez tied for 5th with 12, and Carlos Gomez (MIN) tied for 7th with 11.

Hit By Pitch: Carlos Pena led the way, getting hit 12 times.

Sac Bunts: Willy Taveras got 15 down successfully.

Sac Flies: Carlos Pena, with 9.


ERA: Edinson Volquez (CIN) ranked 8th in the NL with his 3.21 mark.

Wins: Edinson Volquez won more games, 17, than any Dominican in 2008, tying for 8th most in the majors.

Losses: Miguel Batista (SEA) & Johnny Cueto (CIN) tied for 9th in the majors with 14.

Won-Lost Pct: At 17-6, Edinson Volquez compiled a .739 winning percentage, tied for 7th best in the big leagues.

: Ervin Santana (LAA) allowed 1.119 hits & walks per inning, good for the 6th best figure in the majors.

Hits per 9 IP: With 7.67, Edinson Volquez had the big leagues 8th best ratio of hits allowed per nine innings.

Strikeouts: Ervin Santana ranked 4th in MLB with 214, while Edinson Volquez total of 206 tied for 5th best.

Strikeouts per 9 IP: Edinson Volquez, with 9.46, had the second best ratio in baseball among ERA qualifiers.

Walks: Ubaldo Jimenez (COL) walked 103, the 2nd highest total in baseball. Edinson Volquez (93) & Daniel Cabrera (90 for BAL) ranked 5th and 7th, respectively.

K:BB Ratio: Ervin Santana posted a 4.55:1 strikeout-to-walk ratio, 6th best in MLB.

Games: Carlos Marmol (CHC) tied for 3rd most relief appearances in MLB with 82.

Saves: Jose Valverde (HOU) led the NL with 44 saves & finished 2nd in MLB. Francisco Cordero of the Reds tied for 9th in the big leagues with 34.

Innings: Ervin Santana hurled 219 innings, 9th best in baseball.

Home Runs: Johnny Cueto (CIN) surrendered 29 home runs, tied for 8th most in MLB.

Wild Pitches: Ubaldo Jimenez (COL) threw 16 wild ones, 3rd most in the majors, with Daniel Cabrera one behind him for 4th place.

Hit Batters Daniel Cabrera (BAL) led the big leagues with 18, while Volquez and Cueto tied for 3rd place with 14.

Thanks to Baseball-Reference.com for the numbers!


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