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200 + Hits By Players From the Dominican Republic

Matty Alou rapped 231 hits in 1969 - a single season record for Dominicans

Matty Alou rapped 231 hits in 1969 - a single season record for Dominicans

On Tuesday night, New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes ripped a bases loaded triple off Cubs righty Kevin Hart for his 200th hit of the season.  In doing so, Reyes became just the 12th different player born in the Dominican Republic to achieve the feat, and has a chance to crack the single-season top 10 for his countrymen by season’s end.

Here’s a look at the club Reyes is now a member of:

VLADIMIR GUERREROVladdy has logged more 200-hit campaigns than any other player from the DR, with 4.  The first time he did it came in his first year playing every day, as a 22-year-old with the 1998 Montreal Expos.  Four years later, he established a personal best of 206 hits for the Expos, which he matched in 2004 after signing as a free agent with the (then) Anaheim Angels.  Most recently, he pounded out an even 200 hits for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2006.

MIGUEL TEJADAMiggi’s first 200-hit season was his AL MVP year of 2002 with the Oakland Athletics.  After signing with the Baltimore Orioles prior to 2004, he did it again & chalked up a personal record of 214 two years later.  He shares the distinction of doing it in both leagues with Guerrero, and could become the first Dominican to do it for three different franchises since he’s now playing for the Houston Astros.

FELIPE ALOUThe first player actually signed off the island to make the majors, Alou had 218 hits the first year the Braves played in Atlanta, but finished second in the race for the 1966 batting title to his brother Matty.  When he banged out 210 hits two years later, he became (and remains) the only Dominican to have a pair of seasons with at least that many hits.

MATTY ALOUWith a Dominican record 231 hits for the 1969 Pittsburgh Pirates, and 201 more the following year, the younger Alou is the only man from his country to have consecutive seasons with at least 200 hits.  More dubiously, his 87 OPS+ mark in 1970 is the only time a 200-hit Dominican was below 105.  Matty batted “just” .297 that year, as well, the only time a player in this club failed to hit .300 (though Jose Reyes is at .299 as this is posted).

Other Dominicans with at least 200 hits in a season are:  Placido Polanco (2007 Tigers), Adrian Beltre (2004 Dodgers), Julio Franco (1991 Rangers), Alfonso Soriano (2002 Yankees), Hanley Ramirez (2007 Marlins), Albert Pujols (2003 Cardinals) & Tony Fernandez (1986 Blue Jays).  Here’s the complete list:

231 – Matty ALOU (1969 Pirates)
218 – Felipe ALOU (1966 Braves)
214 – Miguel TEJADA (2006 Orioles)
213 – Tony FERNANDEZ (1986 Blue Jays)
212 – Albert PUJOLS (2003 Cardinals)
212 – Hanley RAMIREZ (2007 Marlins)
210 – Felipe ALOU (1968 Braves)
209 – Alfonso SORIANO (2002 Yankees)
206 – Vladimir GUERRERO (2004 Angels)
206 – Vladimir GUERRERO (2002 Expos)
204 – Miguel TEJADA (2002 Athletics)
203 – Miguel TEJADA (2004 Orioles)
202 – Jose REYES (2008 Mets) ***through 159 games***
202 – Vladimir GUERRERO (1998 Expos)
201 – Julio FRANCO (1991 Rangers)
201 – Matty ALOU (1970 Pirates)
200 – Adrian BELTRE (2004 Dodgers)
200 – Vladimir GUERRERO (2006 Angels)
200 – Placido POLANCO (2007 Tigers)

Best Batting Averages:  .359 Pujols, .341 Polanco/Franco
Worst:  .297 M. Alou ’70

Best OBP:  .439 Pujols, .417 Guerrero ’02, .408 Franco
Worst:  .329 M. Alou ’70

Best SLG:  .667 Pujols, .629 Beltre, .598 Guerrero ’04
Worst:  .356 M. Alou ’70

Best OPS+:  187 Pujols, 163 Beltre, 160 Guerrero ’02
Worst:  87 M. Alou ’70

Most Doubles:  51 – Pujols & Soriano
Fewest:  21 M. Alou ’70

Most Triples:  19 Reyes
Fewest:  0 Beltre & Tejada ’02, ’06

Most Home Runs:  48 Beltre
Fewest:  1 M. Alou ’69, ’70


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