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LOOK OUT! Daniel Cabrera aims for the record books

Cleveland's Jhonny Peralta becomes the 17th batter hit by Daniel Cabrera this year

Cleveland's Jhonny Peralta becoming the 17th batter hit by Daniel Cabrera this year

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Daniel Cabrera didn’t hit any batters Tuesday night and, frankly, I was a biit disappointed.  You see, in his previous start, Cabrera broke the Orioles club mark for hit batsmen that he tied last year, then extended his new record by hitting his another man three batters later.  That gave him 17 plunkings by August 19, moving him within one of tying Ramon Ortiz’ single-season record for pitchers from the Dominican Republic.

Additionally, In his head-to-head match-up Tuesday night with Boston’s Daisuke Matsuzaka,  Cabrera lost his American League lead in issuing bases-on-balls by a single free pass to the Japanese right-hander.  However, Cabrera still topped the junior circuit in both hit batters and wild pitches, leaving him in position to pursue a triple crown of sorts for out-of-control pitching.  Quite a few Orioles fans are fed up with the big man over this, but it makes him an even more intriguing, sympathetic figure to me.

Just for the heck of it, here are the Orioles all-time (1954-present) single-season leaders in the categories in quesrion:

181 – Bob Turley, 1954
133 – Mike Torrez, 1975
132 – Chuck Estrada, 1961
130 – Steve Barber, 1961
121 – Chuck Estrada, 1962
114 – Tom Phoebus, 1967
113 – Steve Barber, 1960
113 – Jim Palmer, 1970
112 – Ray Moore, 1957
108 – Daniel Cabrera, 2007

17 – Daniel Cabrera, 2006
14 – Milt Pappas, 1959
14 – Daniel Cabrera, 2008 (thru 8/19)
13 – Dennis Martinez, 1984
12 – Tom Phoebus, 1967
12 – Mike Flanagan, 1980
12 – Daniel Cabrera, 2004
11 – Hoyt Wilhelm, 1962
11 – Eric Bell, 1987
11 – Scott Erickson, 1997

17 – Daniel Cabrera, 2008 (through 8/19)
15 – Chuck Estrada, 1960
15 – Daniel Cabrera, 2007
13 – Scott Erickson, 1998
13 – Jason Johnson, 2001
12 – Rick Helling, 2003
11 – by six pitchers, most recently Cabrera in 2005

That’s all for now.  Good luck to Daniel as he zeroes in on the Dominican record.  Look out American League hitters!

P.S. – By hitting Cleveland’s Grady Sizemore and Jhonny Peralta on August 14, Daniel Cabrera moved past Pedro Martinez (16 HB for 2004 Red Sox) and tied Pedro Astacio (17 HB for the 1998 Rockies) on the all-time Dominican list.  With his next hit batsmen this year, Cabrera will equal the mark Ramon Ortiz set for the 2006 Nationals for his countrymen.

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