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Little known facts about RADHAMES LIZ


1) Did you know the only players named Radhames in MLB history have been Baltimore Orioles pitchers? Radhames Dykhoff & Radhames Liz
2) Radhames Dykhoff is Sidney Ponson’s cousin

3) Radhames Liz’s middle name is Corey

4) Radhames is Latin for red

5) There was one major leaguer with Radhames as a middle name, and he was also a pitcher. Current Brewers pitching coach Bill Castro (active 1974-83) was born Williams Radhames Castro Checo. Since Castro’s given name was “Williams” instead of “William”, his minor league teammates in the Brewers system nicknamed him “Bills”. One of those teammates remains a very good friend of Castro’s to this day: former Orioles first base coach Sammy Mejias. When I interviewed Mejias in September, he confirmed for me that his last name is actually “Mejia”, but the way he signs his name made the Brewers think he was Mejias. As a youngster just trying to reach the majors, he didn’t think it was a big enough deal to correct them.

If spring training doesn’t hurry up and get here, I’m going to keep making posts like this.


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