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2007 Dominican League Baseball Leaders (through Thanksgiving)


The winter baseball league in the Dominican Republic had an open date on the schedule yesterday while Americans celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday.  Therefore, it seemed like a good time to check in with the league leaders.

 Padres prospect Vince Sinisi is still in position to make a run at the triple crown, while young Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto is looking more and more like a big leaguer.  Here are the top perfomers through 25 or so games for each team (I use minimums of 3.1 plate appearances or 1 inning pitched per team game to qualify for batting and ERA leadership)


Batting Average

.323 – VINCE SINISI, Escogido (Padres)

.323 – BRAYAN PENA, Gigantes (Braves)

.321 – ARGENIS REYES, Escogido (free agent)

On Base Percentage

.398 – JUAN MELO, Escogido (free agent)

.389 – ALEXI CASILLA, Gigantes (Twins)

.382 – VINNY ROTTINO, Azucareros (Brewers)

Slugging Percentage

.527 – VINCE SINISI, Escogido (Padres)

.484 – BRAYAN PENA, Gigantes (Braves)

.430 – ANDY ABAD, Licey (free agent)

Runs Scored

16 – ALEXI CASILLA, Gigantes (Twins)

15 – JASON COOPER, Azucareros (Indians)

14 – BERNIE CASTRO, Aguilas (free agent)

14 – VINCE SINISI, Escogido (Padres)

Runs Batted In

22 – VINCE SINISI, Escogido (Padres)

15 – ANDY ABAD, Licey (free agent)

15 – MENDY LOPEZ, Aguilas (free agent)


9 – BRAYAN PENA, Gigantes (Braves)

6 – ALEXIS GOMEZ, Aguilas (free agent)

5  – seven players tied


2 – FREDDIE BYNUM, Estrellas (Orioles)

2 – HECTOR LUNA, Aguilas (Blue Jays)

2 – RUDDY YAN, Azucareros (free agent)

Home Runs

6 – VICTOR DIAZ, Aguilas (Rangers)

5 – VINCE SINISI, Escogido (Padres)

3 – fve players tied

Stolen Bases

8 – ALEXI CASILLA, Gigantes (Twins)

8 – FREDDY GUZMAN, Escogido (Rangers)

6 – three players tied


21 – VINNY ROTTINO, Azucareros (Brewers)

16 – MIGUEL NEGRON, Estrellas (free agent)

15 – BERNIE CASTRO, Aguilas (free agent)


35 – MENDY LOPEZ, Aguilas (free agent)

28 – ABRAHAM NUNEZ, Estrellas (free agent)

24 – JASON COOPER, Azucareros (Indians)

24 – VICTOR MENDEZ, Gigantes (Mets)


Earned Run Average

1.55 – JOSE LIMA, Aguilas (free agent)

2.20 – JOSE MERCEDES, Licey (free agent)

2.51 – JOSE CAPELLAN, Gigantes (Tigers)

Won-Lost Record

4-0 – JOHNNY CUETO, Aguilas (Reds)

3-0 – ROBERTO GIRON, Estrellas (free agent)

3-0 – DARIO VERAS, Gigantes (free agent)


9 – ONELI PEREZ, Licey (White Sox)

7 – JOSE VARGAS, Aguilas (free agent)

4 – DARIO VERAS, Gigantes (free agent)

Innings Pitched

29 – JOSE LIMA, Aguilas (free agent)

29 – SHOUJI NAGAMINE, Estrellas (Japan)

28.2 – JOSE CAPELLAN, Gigantes (Tigers)

28.2 – JOSE MERCEDES, Licey (free agent)


30 – JOHNNY CUETO, Aguilas (Reds)

27 – JOSELO DIAZ, Azucareros (Mets)

23 – FELIX DIAZ, Licey (free agent)

compiled by MALCOLM ALLEN



One Response to “2007 Dominican League Baseball Leaders (through Thanksgiving)”

  1. I was lucky enough to catch a couple innings of a game on a Spanish speaking sports station. Jose Lima was pitching against Licey, but he seemed more concerned with yelling at the home plate umpire. Some of the words he was yelling were in English, or at least 1 word repeated many times. Somehow the umpire didn’t throw him out.

    I still dream of Victor Diaz playing 2nd base for the Mets.

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