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Gold Glove winners from the Dominican Republic


Seattle Mariners third-baseman Adrian Beltre became the first Gold Glove winner at his position ever from the Dominican Republic in 2007.  Countryman Placido Polanco, the Detroit Tigers second baseman, joined Beltre on the American League squad after going the entire season without committing a single error.

With Beltre and Polanco in the club, twelve Dominicans have now combined to win a total of twenty-eight Gold Gloves, including at least one at every position. 

Here is the complete list of Dominicans that won Gold Glove awards:


JOAQUIN ANDUJAR – 1984 Cardinals


TONY PENA – 1983-1985 Pirates & 1991 Red Sox

First Base

ALBERT PUJOLS – 2006 Cardinals

Second Base

LUIS CASTILLO – 2003-2005 Marlins


Third Base

ADRIAN BELTRE – 2007 Mariners


TONY FERNANDEZ – 1986-1989 Blue Jays 


NEIFI PEREZ – 2000 Rockies


CESAR CEDENO – 1972-1976 Astros

CESAR GERONIMO – 1974-1977 Reds

RAUL MONDESI – 1995 & 1997 Dodgers


One Response to “Gold Glove winners from the Dominican Republic”

  1. Tony Fernandez was one of only a few defensive players who was so spectacular, people were stunned to watch. He did take 2 years off from MLB, which may have hurt his Hall of Fame chances – but he is very underrated, and should be in the Hall anyway.

    I have no idea why I forgot Luis Castillo won those awards.

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