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ERIK BEDARD – stats by umpire


We examined statistics by umpire for 26-year-old Orioles right-hander Daniel Cabrera in the last post.  Now let’s turn our attention to Baltimore’s 28-year-old southpaw Erik Bedard. 

Both pitchers were 2004 rookies and, since then, they’ve each racked up exactly forty wins and almost identical totals of innings pitched and games started.  That’s where the similarities end.

 Bedard forced his way onto the short list of elite hurlers in the game with a 9-0 run from mid-June to late-August that saw him post a 2.22 earned run average over a stretch of thirteen starts.  His only dud came at Comiskey Park in Chicago, where he got hammered for six runs in less than six innings by the lowest scoring team in the American League.  He even surrendered a career worst three home runs.  When you examine the figures below, it may not surprise you a bit to learn that the home plate umpire that evening was Mark Carlson.

 Sixty-one different umps have called balls and strikes in Bedard’s 111 career starts.  Here are his statistics with the dozen men in blue who’ve worked at least three of them (W-L, ERA, (IP)):

Mark Carlson:  0-2, 8.20, (18.2)

Phil Cuzzi:  1-0, 2.53, (21.1)

Kerwin Danley:  0-2, 6.19, (16)

Laz Diaz:  1-1, 4.70, (23)

Bruce Froemming:  2-1, 5.50, (18)

Jeff Kellogg:  1-0, 4.76, (17)

Jerry Layne:  2-1, 4.50, (18)

Randy Marsh:  1-1, 4.34, (18.2)

Tony Randazzo:  0-2, 6.46, (15.1)

Jim Reynolds:  0-1, 1.93, (18.2)

Larry Vanover:  2-1, 1.89, (19)

Mark Wegner:  0-1, 2.45, (18.1)


Hits per 9 IP:  6.3 – Cuzzi, 6.9 – Wegner, 7.2 – Reynolds…12.1 – Carlson, 12.4 – Danley, 14.1 – Randazzo

Strikeouts per 9 IP:  13.0 – Froemming, 10.1 – Cuzzi, 10.1 – Carlson…7.2 – Reynolds, 5.5 – Layne, 4.5 – Danley

Walks per 9 IP:  2.1 – Cuzzi, 2.3 – Diaz, 2.4 – Marsh/Reynolds…5.1 – Danley, 5.3 – Carlson, 5.9 – Randazzo

Strikeout to Walk Ratio:  4.8 – Cuzzi, 3.4 – Marsh, 3.2 – Diaz…1.4 – Layne, 1.3 – Randazzo, 0.9 – Danley



Q:  When Erik Bedard broke the Orioles single season strikeout mark with 221 in 2007, who was his most frequent victim?

A:  Ty Wigginton, who spent the first four months of the season with the Devil Rays, went 0-9 against Bedard in 2007, including 7 strikeouts.  (Incredibly, when Bedard whiffed 11 Devil Rays on August 5, Wigginton was out of the AL & playing for the Astros).  Delmon Young, also of Tampa Bay, and former-Orioles Sammy Sosa of the Rangers were the only other players whiffed five times by Bedard last season.




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