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DANIEL CABRERA – stats by umpire


To follow up my Joaquin Andujar stats by umpire post, I decided to repeat the study on my favorite current player, Baltimore Orioles pitcher Daniel Cabrera.

The fact that umpires are no longer league-affiliated, as they were during Andujar’s career, means it’s much less likely for a pitcher to see the same home plate umpire with any regularity.  Cabrera has started 116 games in his four-year career, and sixty different umps have called his pitches balls or strikes.  Twenty-eight of those men in blue -nearly half- have worked only one of his starts.

Since the 26-year-old Baltimore right-hander’s career to date already represents a relatively small sample size, we’ll only examine the umpires who’ve been on duty with a mask and a clicker for at least three Cabrera starts. 

While it’s too early to conclude definitively whether any of these umps will prove to be helpful or hurtful to Cabrera throughout his career, the lesson from examing Andujar’s numbers in retrospect is that many of the established patterns will continue for years. 

Without any further ado, here are Cabrera’s won-lost & ERA numbers with the fifteen umps who’ve worked at least three of his games (innings pitched in parentheses).

Lance Barksdale:  0-4, 3.45, (31.1)

CB Bucknor:  1-2, 4.50, (18)

Eric Cooper:  3-0, 1.13, (24)

Jerry Crawford:  2-2, 9.14, (21.2)

Brian Gorman:  2-2, 2.30, (27.1)

Jim Joyce:  0-2, 5.96, (22.2)

Jerry Layne:  1-1, 7.98, (14.2)

Bill Miller:  2-0, 3.77, (28.2)

Paul Nauert:  0-3, 5.49, (19.2)

Jeff Nelson:  1-2, 9.00, (16)

Larry Poncino:  1-1, 4.70, (15.1)

Dale Scott:  2-1, 5.11, (24.2)

Tim Timmons:  2-1, 7.54, (14.1)

Mark Wegner:  2-1, 3.10, (20.1)

Hunter Wendelstedt:  0-2, 7.36, (14.2)

Too bad for Cabrera, that the ump he’s 0-4 with (Barksdale) happens to be the one he’s seen the most.  He almost won a game with Barksdale behind the dish in his next-to-last start of 2007 but, wouldn’t you know it, the Orioles bullpen coughed it up!


Hits per 9 IP:  3.8 – Cooper, 5.6 – Gorman, 6.2 – Wegner…12.3 – Wendelstedt, 12.9 – Layne, 13.5 – Nelson

Walks per 9 IP:  2.6 – Cooper, 2.7 – Wegner, 2.8 – Nelson…6.9 – Nauert, 7.5 – Timmons, 8.2 – Poncino

Strikeouts per 9 IP:  10.0 – Bucknor, 10.0 – Poncino, 8.3 – Cooper…5.7 – Timmons, 4.5 – Nelson, 3.5 – Wegner

Strikeout to Walk Ratio:  3.14 – Cooper, 2.40 – Wendelstedt, 2.00 – Bucknor…1.09 – Layne, 0.93 – Nauert, 0.75 – Timmons

None of these numbers are meant to suggest anything about any of the umpires involved.  I believe they do their best to uphold the integrity of the game on the whole, but I’m fascinated by the human element.  I plan to follow these trends throughout Cabrera’s career, and can’t wait to see him pitch with Eric Cooper behind the plate!  Dave Trembley, if you’re reading, Cabrera & Cooper.  Keep him away from Nauert. 




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