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Ejection Frequency for BALTIMORE ORIOLES Managers


Some of these blog entries practically write themselves.  I mean, in the last few days, two things happened that seemed naturally linked together in my mind.  First, Orioles manager Dave Trembley threw a Weaver-esque fit at an umpire (see photo), climaxing with the Baltimore skipper giving the man in blue the heave ho.  Then, I learn that the amazing folks at Retrosheet (see my blogroll links) added ejection data to their website.

 So, thanks to Retrosheet and rare bit of Friday afternoon free time here at work, I present to you the sixteen men who’ve managed the Baltimore Orioles.  (Not counting Lum Harris, who managed the last 27 games of the 1961 season without getting run by an umpire).  They are listed from the least likely to be ejected, to the most frequently tossed. 

16th – LEE MAZZILLI – 134.5 games managed per ejection

15th – FRANK ROBINSON – 73.7

14th – PHIL REGAN – 72.0

13th – JOHNNY OATES – 70.1

12th – HANK BAUER – 66.0

11th – JIMMIE DYKES – 51.3

10th – MIKE HARGROVE – 49.9

 9th – DAVEY JOHNSON – 46.6

 8th – JOE ALTOBELLI – 42.1

7th – DAVE TREMBLEY – 41.6 (thru 2009) 

6th – SAM PERLOZZO – 40.9

 5th – RAY MILLER – 36.0

 4th – BILLY HITCHCOCK – 32.4

 3rd – EARL WEAVER – 25.9

 2nd – CAL RIPKEN, Sr. – 21.1

 1st – PAUL RICHARDS – 20.4

Well, there you go.  When you return from your three-game suspension, Mr. Trembley, you’ve got some catching up to do!




One Response to “Ejection Frequency for BALTIMORE ORIOLES Managers”

  1. I’m really surprised The Earl is not at the top of that list.

    Great stat, huh?

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